Reedsy Trust Policy 🤝

You get access to our protection policies and security features.

One of Reedsy’s greatest benefits is our security features. We’re constantly improving upon the safeguards which keep your information secure — and our Project Protection scheme ensures that clients and professionals are covered in case of a dispute.

Payment and communication off of the Reedsy platform will expose you to factors outside of our control, putting you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues such as phishing.

Please note that in the event of a dispute, we will only be able to consider communications sent via the Reedsy messaging system. Messages and payment receipts shared outside the Reedsy/Stripe program will not be reviewed by our mediators, which means we can’t step in to help if you’ve taken even a portion of the project off-site.

Therefore we do not recommend using personal emails. Phone and video calls are permitted, but we strongly recommend leaving a summary message within Reedsy after a call.

Our payment system keeps things simple.

We designed our payment system with the aim of providing peace of mind. When a client pays through Reedsy, payments automatically go through Stripe, a payment system that works like an escrow account, guaranteeing a secure transaction.
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