1) You get access to our policies and security features.

Paying and communicating through Reedsy helps ensure that clients and professionals are protected in case of a dispute. Paying outside the Reedsy system exposes you to risks, and we can’t provide protection in cases where transactions aren’t paid directly through Reedsy.

We’ve also built safeguards into Reedsy to help keep your information secure, and we're improving those safeguards all the time. If you collaborate outside of Reedsy, it puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

2) Our payment and messaging systems keep things simple.

We designed our payment system to give everyone peace of mind. When you pay through Reedsy, payments go through Stripe, a system that guarantees a secure transaction.

Messaging on Reedsy also makes it easy to find and reference important details about your collaboration. When you use Reedsy's messaging system, you also benefit from built-in security features that help keep your intellectual property safe.

If you ask us to mediate a dispute, we will only be able to consider communications sent via the Reedsy messaging system.

3) What is the Introduction Fee?

The Introduction Fee is something you will be liable to pay if you take a project off Reedsy. It amounts to either £4,000 or 20% of the Service Fee, whichever is the greater. Once you take the project off Reedsy, you are no longer covered by our Terms of Use and Project Protection policy and are liable to pay the Introduction fee in full.
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