To open the Reedsy Book Editor, you first have to create a book or import a manuscript by going to My Books.

Create/import book

Click on IMPORT and upload your manuscript or;
Enter your book title and click on the green button CREATE.

Drag n’ drop or select the manuscript file from your computer, add a title, and boom! You’re ready to format your book.

Note: the files uploaded must be either in .docx or .odt format and no larger than 50 MB.

After you have created/imported your book, it will appear in the My Books section. Simply click on WRITE and you’re all set to go. Add parts and chapter as needed and proceed to exporting your beautifully formatted book.

Write book

Can I download the Editor onto my computer?

No, the Editor can only be used when you’re logged into your Reedsy account. It’s not a downloadable app. This allows us to securely store backups of your book on our servers.

Can I work collaboratively with another author in the Reedsy Book Editor?
At the moment, this feature is still in development. For now, we recommend sharing the login details with the person you would like to write with.

To learn more about the Book Editor, read our comprehensive guide here.

How can I change my book title?

So, you’ve created your book in the Reedsy Book Editor and now you want to change your book title? Not a problem! Click on “My Books”, then hit “Manage” next to the book you want to change the title for.

Select “Book Settings” on the left hand side and then click on the book title itself. This will make a cursor appear, letting you edit the book title, subtitle and synopsis.

How can I add an image?

Click on the “+” button in the top right corner. A bar with different options will appear where you can select “Image” to be added directly from your computer. You can also drag and drop images directly into the interface.

Add an image to your book
All images added will be sized in the same way and cannot be adjusted. This ensures that images look consistent on all e-readers and printing companies.

How can I add the front matter (dedication, contents table, etc.)?

We have designed a beautiful sidebar where you can add dedications, epigraphs, foreword, preface, and acknowledgments into your front matter. Click “Edit” and you will have the option of adding any of those sections.

Front matter

All the sections marked with green are the ones that will show up in the exported file, so please click on the green button to disable the section that you want to remove.

Bear in mind that the copyright page can not be disabled. This is a free tool, and this tiny bit of branding is our small requirement for using the Reedsy Book Editor.

Hiding chapter numbers and endnotes is easy and can be done during the export process.

When you’re exporting your book, you’ll have the option to hide the chapter numbers in the “Formatting options” as shown in the screenshot below:

Hide chapter numbers

Regarding endnotes, you’ll have two options::

At the end of the page; and
In a chapter, at the end of the book.

End notes

Small nitpick: when you choose to have your endnotes at the end of the page, they will appear as footnotes in the print version of your book, and at the end of the chapter in your ebook version.

If you do not wish to have any notes in your book, simply leave the notes blank and that section will not appear in your exported book.

To learn more about the Book Editor, read our comprehensive guide here.
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