A client wants to work with you! Now the ball is in your court to win the project. 💪

Respond to the request

You have 48 hours to respond to a request. You can either send a message, send a quote, or decline the request. This will ensure you keep your response rate to 100%. If you decline, you will be prompted to leave the client feedback as to why you’re passing on their project.

Engage with the client

Clients have spent some time researching freelancers to contact. If you’ve received a request, this means you’re in their top 5 and now they want to see you show interest in their project. You can do this by sending a personal message establishing rapport, asking some specific follow-up questions and genuinely showing interest in the book or project at hand.

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Can you decline a request?

You received a request but the job isn’t for you. It’s all good, just decline it. You decide which requests you quote on and which you decline.

If you decide to decline a request, you will be asked to leave feedback for the client. Select an option from the drop-down menu and leave a personal note below. This will close the request. For example:

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