Want to join Reedsy as a translator? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects.

Translators are highly skilled individuals that bring your book to a whole new audience. As a translator, it’s very important that you convey how you can adapt a book for an entirely different reader group.

Next, we’d like to share a few profiles of translators who really nailed their profile.

1. Ingrid Y. Pinpoints her speciality

Every translator specializes in specific genres and we like to see a minimum of two published books per genre to showcase that expertise – it’s also why we ask all of you to choose no more than eight genres! However, it’s good to show the author in your short description which your main focus areas are. Ingrid not only mentions that she’s a master of mystery and thriller, she also manages to squeeze in a bit of extra eye-catching information: that she’s the winner of an award, and that she has 13 publications under her belt.

Note: while translation is a serious business, authors do appreciate a lighter, more fun tone on your profile. Ingrid starts her overview with: “Mystery and adventure, and strangely enough all things medical, make me look forward to get to my desk every morning!”

2. Robert F. Puts well-known books at the top

As a translator, you shouldn’t make authors look too much for the highlights in your portfolio. You don’t have to scroll very far to discover that Robert has worked on books from J. S. Scott, Stephen King and Ken Follett. Make sure to include bestsellers at the top of your portfolio by using the “pin book to the top feature” so that you stand out from the crowd.

Tip: while you might want to show off your entire portfolio, try not to overwhelm potential clients. We find 6 genres to be the golden number but have no more than 8 genres selected.

3. Olaf K. Includes testimonials in his work experience

Even though you have years of experience as a translator, you’ll be joining as a new talent on the Reedsy marketplace. Before you secure your first review, you should think about adding client testimonials to the end of your overview section like Olaf did.

Olaf also doesn’t hesitate to let the author know what his focus is exactly, namely suspense fiction. And he names the publishers he’s worked with to further strengthen his experience and talent.

4. Antje A. Highlights working with publishing houses

Antje has more than 20 years of experience working for big publishers. She highlights this in both the Overview as well as the Work Experience section. If you’ve worked for large publishers, don’t forget to mention it 💪

Final tip: If you need a refresher on the criteria and how Reedsy selects its freelancers, you can scoot on over to this blog post. Feel free to email freelancer@reedsy.com with any profile questions.

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