Want to join Reedsy as a marketer? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects.

The Reedsy marketplace is home to the world’s best freelance publishing professionals — and marketers are no exception. Talented freelancers are flocking to Reedsy every day to find high-quality projects. When you’re surrounded by the best in their field, how do you create a profile that stands out that is able to attract great projects and long-term clients?

Let’s take a look at three successful marketers who nailed their Reedsy profiles.

1. Michael Doane Builds Rapport

A killer overview helps Michael’s profile stand out.

Highlights his story and establishes rapport with the author by speaking to them directly.
Talks directly to the author and ends with a question: “I ask you: are you ready to find your audience, connect with readers, and sell more books?” How can you say no?

2. Julia Pidduck Uses Unique Projects To Stand Out

Look at how Julia uses projects to show the breadth and depth of her experience. For each project, Julia successfully:

Starts with the brief, e.g: “in order to promote the series, we needed to […] build a captive audience ahead of the release of the first episode.”
Describes her output, e.g: “I devised and led a detailed, data-led eCRM program throughout the series and beyond.”
Shares the outcomes, e.g: “establishing a Facebook following of 22,000 and an email marketing list of 16,000 subscribers.”

3. Shannon Donnelly Is Concise

A great profile doesn’t need to be long. Shannon’s is a case in point. Here are two things Shannon nailed:

A focused short description: in just a few sentences, her specialties stand out, and so does her experience with big publishing houses.
A solid work experience section: here again, in just a sentence for each position, Shannon describes what she has achieved.

Four extra tips:

Clearly describe what services you offer. Are you a SEO wizard, an email marketing guru or a “big-picture” master? Detail the types of services you provide and exactly what they mean, in order to help your future clients decide if you're the right fit.
Build rapport. Do you have writing experience yourself? What unique insights do you have about the writing and publishing process? Show authors you’re able to understand their needs by speaking their “language.”
No book marketing experience? It’s okay! Most of our freelancers have worked promoting books in the past, but it’s not a requirement to join the marketplace — you just need some sort of marketing experience. Add projects and show us how you helped your clients in other industries market themselves, grow their customer base or develop their brand.
Show us the numbers. On Reedsy, “Projects” are the best way to illustrate your impact. For each project, explain the initial brief, the approach you took and the results you produced. The more tangible the results, the better.

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