Want to join Reedsy as an illustrator? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects.

Being an illustrator on Reedsy gives you access to numerous book projects — no matter your genre of preference, we have a wide selection of clients for you! To showcase your work and skills to those potential clients, you’ll need to put together a great Reedsy profile. (Note: To sign up as an Illustrator, select the main “Design” service in your profile, then tick “Illustration”).

Here are two illustrators that got it just right.

1. Larson Mcswain Nails the Overview And Gallery

The overview is where you will go into detail about your career and work. In this example, Larson has done an excellent job tying back his overview to his style of work, showcased in the gallery. Keep it concise but detailed enough to show you know what you're doing!

Your short description should be catchy and interesting to draw in the author. Below you can see how the profile would appear in Reedsy’s search results.

Note: as an illustrator (with no additional services), it’s not necessary to have any published books in the portfolio section, so focus all your attention on the gallery! Add your best work with the highest quality images.

2. Guilia Lombardo Keeps Genres Specialized

You might be tempted to just select all genres available or that interest you, but it’s much more appealing to clients when you show your specialty and support it with specific examples. You can see show Guilia has carefully selected her genres, choosing just children’s books and showcasing clear examples of this niche work in her Portfolio.

Note: if you are going to add services other than Illustration (e.g. “Cover Design”, “Book Interior Design” or “Production Management”), we would need to see at least three examples of published work in your portfolio and/or gallery.

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