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Some inspiration for your Reedsy profile: Ghostwriters

Want to join Reedsy as a ghostwriter? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects.

Ghostwriters on Reedsy are a very special collection of writers. They come from all walks of life and bring a wide variety of talent and experience to the table. This is why as a ghostwriter, it’s especially important to use your Reedsy profile to convey your unique experiences and skills.

Here we want to share the profiles of three ghostwriters who get it just right.

1. Jack Rochester Tells Without Naming

We understand that it can be tricky for ghostwriters to display the full breadth of their work, as it is often subject to NDAs and other restrictions. Jack tackles this by providing a list of previous clients without giving any obvious identifiers, but clearly demonstrating what he has worked on in the past.

Tip: You can describe clients this way not just in your “Overview”, but in your “Work Experience” section as well.

2. Ellis Weiner Keeps It Specialized

To stand out as a ghostwriter, you need to instill confidence while conveying your experience to potential clients. There is no better way to do that than by showing that you’re a true expert in your field.

You won’t look like much of a specialist if you say that you write fiction, non-fiction, short- and long-form content all at once. Ellis nails down his specialties by selecting two specific genres — Children's and Humour — and demonstrating extensive experience in both through his Portfolio.


Put yourself in a client’s shoes: would you want a generalist or an expert in your field to help write your book?

Tip: Think carefully about which genres to select and books to add to your Portfolio, as this will largely determine what kinds of projects you receive.

3. Daniel Simpson Shows He Know His Stuff

As a ghostwriter, you are taking on the responsibility of conveying the heart of the book to its audience. This means that it's always a bonus if you have real-life experience relevant to the book’s subject.

Daniel demonstrates his personal knowledge in his Work Experience section, supplementing his ghostwriting experience with his position as a Yoga History and Philosophy Tutor. It emphasizes and validates the title he’d claimed for himself in his short description — Yoga Ghostwriter.

Tip: Make sure to include relevant personal experience in your profile — cooking, gardening, marketing, or anything else connected to your specialty.

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Updated on: 10/14/2021

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