Want to join Reedsy as an editor? Here’s how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects.

Editing is the most popular service on Reedsy and with such a great variety of projects, it’s important to ensure you’re attracting the most relevant ones. Getting it right with your Reedsy profile will help you to stand out and find your perfect clients.

Below, we share three editor profiles that achieve this beautifully.

1. Sophie Elletson Demonstrates Her Specialty

She hits the nail right on the head in her “Short Description”, where she clearly states her specialty: health and lifestyle. Sophie also includes other facts that make her seem even more credible — mentioning that she is a qualified nutritionist will definitely help rope in authors who need an expert editor.

This is how Sophie’s profile comes up in the search results:

Whether your area of expertise is romance, business, or any other genre, make sure to state it clearly in your “Short Description.” Adding details such as publishing houses you’ve worked with, notable authors you’ve edited for, or any further qualifications within the field will make your profile stand out to the right client base.

Note: include a bit of personality and fun in your profile to appear more approachable! Writers love working with friendly, interesting editors — and your profile is a great opportunity to demonstrate that side of yourself.

2. Roisin Heycock Nails Her Work Experience

As you put together your “Work Experience” section, think about how it tells the story of your professional journey. Your “Work Experience” needs to clearly show each step you’ve taken to get to your position now. Even just a few sentences about what you’ve accomplished in each of your roles will make it much easier for clients to grasp what skills you have in your repertoire.

Note: Don’t include roles that are completely irrelevant to your current position, but do include non-publishing roles if they contributed to your current editorial skill set.

3. Andy Kifer Shows, Rather Than Tells

You can never underestimate the impact of a great Portfolio when marketing yourself, and your Reedsy profile is no exception. Here, Andy lists 12 books for the 8 genres he’s selected, providing a solid example or two for each. This section is particularly crucial to support your credibility, as well as bolster your profile as a whole.

Note: It’s good to show a lot of examples, but try not to overwhelm your potential clients. We recommend including 2–4 books per genre.

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