Is your book in the final stages? Perhaps the editing is mostly finished, and your cover design is looking rock-solid? In that case, you’re probably thinking of ways to market it. Read on to find out how Reedsy Discovery can help you out.

Submit your book to our reviewers

For a fee of $50, you can submit your book to Reedsy Discovery’s pool of reviewers. In the book submission, you can enter the day your book launches on Amazon or other stores, and also your Discovery launch date, which has to be at least five weeks away from the submission day. This gives reviewers enough time to pick up your book, write an honest review and post it.

Tip: Most authors choose the day their book launches to be the same as the Discovery launch date. This gives your book the most exposure at launch.

Submission guidelines

Reedsy Discovery has guidelines and we reserve the right to not accept books that don’t follow them.

It’s important that your book is due to be launched or has been published recently (not more than six months ago). We don’t accept books that have already been reviewed on Discovery.

To view the entire submission guidelines, please head to this page.

My book is due to launch, what happens now?

Once your book has been picked up by a reviewer, they’ll write their opinion and post it to Reedsy Discovery. We’ll keep you posted at every step of this process via email. Please bear in mind that only one reviewer can pick up your book, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a review.

Once the review has been posted, you can read it yourself on the landing page of your book. Even before the review is online, we offer you a beautifully formatted landing page that you can use to market your book. Here’s an example of a landing page which will give you an idea of what to expect.

Make sure that all the links (store fronts and your website) are working correctly so that visitors can buy your book once it’s available.

On the day your book launches on Discovery, invite your friends and followers to sign up for a Reedsy Discovery account and upvote your book. The more upvotes you receive, the greater the chance we might feature your book in our weekly newsletter!

What if nobody picks up my book for review?

If your Discovery launch date is due and you haven’t received an email that your book’s been picked up, try to check your submission again and see if you can improve it:

See if the book cover is correctly displayed on your landing page. If there are formatting issues and you can’t solve them, contact us.
Did you write an interesting synopsis? Reviewers only see a few sentences of it before they click on your book. Make sure it catches their eye!
Push back the Discovery launch date to give reviewers more time.
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