Accept an offer and set up a collaboration to start work on your project!

Once you decided which offer you would like to accept, it's time to set up a collaboration so the work on your project can begin. 🚀

To set it up, go to your 'Requests' and view the quote by the professional you'd like to work with. Click 'Accept Offer' and ta-da! (But wait, that's not it yet!)


Next you need to make sure you add a payment method. This will ensure the collaboration begins promptly and there are no problems with your payments. If this is your first collaboration or you'd like to use a new card, add your card details in provided fields.

Payment setup

If you already have a card on file, simply click 'Continue' to use that card for the new collaboration.

Start the collaboration

Now you are ready to start, click through to the collaboration dashboard and have fun working with your professional!
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