Here’s how you can add your card details to ensure automatic payments and a smooth collaboration:

Log in to Reedsy account and go to your Account Settings;
Select the “Payment” tab; and
Add/update your payment method and click on “ADD THIS CARD.”

Payment settings

To set a new card as your default payment method, you have to add it as a new payment method first. Once you’ve done that, under “Payments”, locate the card that you want to use as your default payment method and click on “Make Default.” Your new card will now have a blue default marker next to it.

A note about currencies and conversions 💰

Every professional will quote in their local currency. For example, if the professional is from The Netherlands, they will quote in Euros. The quote’s currency can’t be changed on Reedsy. However, you don’t need to worry about currency conversion as your bank will take care of that 🤓 The amount will be automatically converted on the day your payment is due.

To get an idea of what you’ll approximately pay in your currency, check out the drop-down menu. The professional’s quote will be updated with conversion data based on the current market exchange rate.

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