What prices can I expect on the Reedsy marketplace?

How long is a piece of string? The best way to find out exact prices for services is to send a request to our professionals. Professionals quote on each project individually after assessing the brief (after all, a veteran editor will not charge the same to work on a 150,000-word epic as a relatively new professional working on a slim novella). You can find average prices for certain services in our blog post.

In this video you’ll learn about the costs you should expect when self-publishing and how to make a budget.

What fees does Reedsy charge?

To keep the lights on, Reedsy charges a 20% commission fee on collaborations. This fee is shared between professionals (10%) and clients (10%), and allows us to develop the product, curate our marketplace and offer customer support and satisfaction guarantees.

Can I get a discount on the Reedsy fee?

Yes, you can! Reedsy offers discounts on our commission that is applied automatically to your collaborations. They are calculated based on the previous projects with a professional/client and the total value of your transactions. The following rates apply:

$0 – $5,000 > 10%
$5,001 – $10,000 > 9% each side
$10,001 – $15,000 > 8% each side
$15,001 and above > 7% each side

The calculation is regressive — a bit like tax brackets except that the more is spent, the cheaper Reedsy becomes!
How does that affect previous collaborations? Previous projects are taken into account. For instance, if you’ve already worked with a client or a freelancer multiple times and the total value of your projects with them is above $5,001, you will only be charged 9% for the amount above $5,000.

Does it only work for repeat projects? Not at all! That’s the big change we have recently introduced. Discounts will apply to any collaboration, whether it’s the first one with a client or not.
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