Find out more about the prices of different services.

What prices can I expect on the Reedsy marketplace?

The best way to find out exact prices you will be quoted for services is to send a request to our professionals. They quote on each project individually after assessing the brief. You can find average prices for certain services in our blog post.

What fees does Reedsy charge?

To operate, Reedsy charges a 20% commission fee on collaborations. This fee is shared between professionals (10%) and clients (10%), and allows us to develop the product, curate our marketplace and offer customer support and satisfaction guarantees.

Can I get a discount on the Reedsy fee?

Yes! If you work with the same professional on your next book, we reduce the Reedsy fee to 8%! Just hit “Hire Again” next to your old request and the discount will be applied automatically.

Also, you can tell your friends about Reedsy and we will reward you with a $25 credit to spend on the Marketplace. Head over to the Invite Your Friends page to tell them about Reedsy.
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