Your work is safe with us!

At Reedsy, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Every transaction, not in violation of our Terms of Use, is covered by Project Protection. That means that if you're not happy for any sensible reason, we'll act as a mediator and help you come to an agreement. Note that Reedsy is not a party to the contract, but rather a mediating outside entity. In some cases, we will proceed to a partial or full refund.

Is my work secure on Reedsy and with your professionals?

The good news is that you already own the copyright to your work. The copyright on your book exists after you write the first word. Furthermore, only you can see your manuscript in the Reedsy Book Editor so your work is safe on Reedsy. Also, all of our professionals are, well, professional and adhere to the Reedsy Terms of Use and will respect the copyright of your work.

We still recommend registering the copyright to your book and this comprehensive guide will help you to do that.
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