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How does my response rate work?

What is the response rate?

A response rate reflects your overall responsiveness to incoming requests. It appears on your profile for authors to see once you’ve received your first request.

To keep your response rate at 100%, just make sure you answer every request you receive within 48 hours. This doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything, or that you need to send a quote immediately. You can just send a polite “Thank you for getting in touch, I’ll send you a quote first thing next week!”, or even decline the request if it isn’t right for you.

What is the "reply by" date?

The "reply by" date is set by the client in their brief to indicate when they want to receive quotes back from all the professionals they reached out to. Missing a "reply by" date doesn’t impact your response rate, but it can certainly impact your chances of landing the client’s project.

The "My Requests" page in your account displays the client's request deadline under "Reply Due". It will read 'overdue' after the client's "reply by" date until you send an offer or decline the request.

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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