All client reviews are publicly displayed on the freelancer’s Reedsy profile. Freelancers have the opportunity to publicly respond to the reviews at any time.

Reedsy will not remove any reviews, unless they violate our Terms of Use.

The following types of review are not allowed on Reedsy and will be promptly removed from the freelancer’s profile page:

Collaboration was cancelled and no work was delivered;
Feedback that refers the client’s experiences outside the scope of the Project;
Feedback that uses inappropriate language;
Feedback incentivised by a promise for payment, additional services, or a discounted rate; and
Feedback motivated by a threat of extortion.

Note: In case the freelancer has issued a full or partial refund, or if Reedsy has ruled in their favor in case of a dispute, the freelancer may mention it in the public reply to the review.
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