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How do I set up my Stripe account?

You can easily set up your Stripe account from Reedsy. Just follow the steps given below:

Go to your Account Settings;
Click on Payments on the upper left-hand side; and
Click on “CONNECT WITH STRIPE” and follow the prompts to complete the sign-up process.

Connect with Stripe

Please make sure to put your first and last name into the highlighted sections below ('public business name' and 'statement descriptor').

Clients and their banks are likely to dispute or flag charges when they don’t recognise your company or business name. This small action will ensure that the charge your client sees on their bank records matches your name on Reedsy, thus helping you avoid disputed charges.

Also, please add your Reedsy profile URL into the business website section too! If you need to check on or edit these, just head to your Account Settings and launch Stripe.

I have changed my country, do I need to set up a new Stripe account?

Yes. Once you’ve created a Stripe account, it’s not possible to change the country that your account is registered in, as mentioned here on Stripe’s website.

Therefore, when you relocate to a new country, here’s what you have to do:

Head to your Account Settings;
Click on Payments on the upper right-hand side;
Click on the button “DISCONNECT STRIPE”;
Go to Stripe’s website and open a new account;
In your Account Settings, click on “CONNECT WITH STRIPE”; and
Finally, click on “Sign in” in the top-right corner of the new window.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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