Learn about the process of finding and working with the right professional on Reedsy.

It’s simple to request quotes on Reedsy.

Head to the Marketplace and pick the service you need (editing, design, publicity, etc.);
Add a couple of filters to winnow down a list of relevant professionals;
Browse through the profiles and select a shortlist of up to five professionals, then click “Continue” to start creating your brief; and
Add as much information as you can here to ensure you get an accurate quote from the professionals. Don’t forget to attach a sample of your manuscript!


Can I save a list of professionals without sending a request?

Yes, you just need to create a shortlist. To do this, click “Your Shortlists” and give your new list a title (“My thriller editors,” for examples). As you browse the Marketplace, you can click the star next to the professional’s bio and add them to any list you’ve created. You can then find all of your lists under “My Shortlists.”

My Shortlists

Can I edit my request once I’ve sent it?

You can edit your brief at any time by clicking Requests in your sidebar. Then click “View your brief” on the request you want to edit and “Edit Request” at the top. Once all of the changes are made, just hit “Save Changes and Submit.”

How can I discuss my request with the professionals?

Once the professional has responded to your request, a message box will appear within that request. Click on “Requests” and select the professional you would like to message.

Professionals on Reedsy usually respond to clients within two business days. However, depending on their workload, you might find that some will respond within a few hours while others may need a few more days. Also remember that the clearer your request is, the faster you can expect to hear back.

Thinking of working with a professional editor? In this video, Reedsy’s very own YouTuber, Shaelin breaks down the process of hiring a literary editor on Reedsy.
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