Profile Pictures: pictures of people expressing joy get 20% more requests

We recently analyzed our freelancers’ profile pictures and found a strong correlation between what emotion they express in their pictures and how many projects they get. Our findings are pretty fascinating, although not all that surprising. See them for yourself:

Freelancers whose faces express joy or happiness in the profile pictures receive on average 20% more requests than those who look displeased, ambivalent or have only a modest smile.

Examples of profile pictures that invite more requests

Freelancers who choose something other than their faces to represent them in their profile pictures (e.g. animated characters, landscapes, flowers, etc.) receive 40–50% less requests than freelancers who show their faces to the world.

Profile pictures resulting in up to 50% less requests

The main takeaway here is: don’t shy away from showing your beautiful face on your profile and don’t forget to smile. This will increase your chances of being selected by potential clients, as you’ll appear more approachable and friendly.
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