You've completed all sections of your profile but it says it's incomplete? Read on to fix this! 🔧

Fill in all sections

To complete your profile, you need to fill in all the required sections:

Upload a profile picture
Add a short description
Add an overview
Select one service
Select at least one genre
Add your work experience
Add your portfolio or projects
Add a gallery
Add at least 10 books or projects and images

Depending on the type of services you offer, you will also need a certain number of books, projects and images in your gallery.

- Editors and ghostwriters need 10 books in their portfolio
- Designers need a combination of 10 books and gallery images
- Marketers and publicists need a combination of 10 projects and gallery images
- Web developers need a combination of 10 projects and gallery images

We let you know the current completion percentage of your profile and how you can update it via the progress tracker banner on the profile page.

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