You’ve completed all sections of your profile, but it still says it’s incomplete? Read on to fix this! 🔧

Fill in all sections

To complete your profile, you need to fill in all the required sections by doing the following:

Upload a profile picture;
Add a short description;
Add an overview;
Select one service;
Select at least one genre;
Add your work experience;
Add your portfolio or projects;
Add a gallery; and
Add at least 10 books or projects and images.

Depending on the type of services you offer, you will also need a certain number of books, projects and images in your gallery.

Editors and ghostwriters need 10 books in their portfolio.
Designers need a combination of 10 books and gallery images.
Marketers and publicists need a combination of 10 projects and gallery images.
Web developers need a combination of 10 projects and gallery images.

The progress tracker at the top of the profile page shows you how complete your profile is. If your profile is not 100% complete yet, read here what information might be missing.

Need inspiration to complete your profile? Check out these helpful tips.

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