You want to join Reedsy as a freelancer? Great news! The first step is to create a profile showcasing your experience.

In many ways, your profile is like a book cover or a portfolio: it’s your first interaction with potential clients and your opportunity to capture their attention. Profiles are also used by the Reedsy team to determine whether or not you will be selected to be part of our marketplace. As such, building a profile is a required first step before you can offer your services on Reedsy.

Creating a profile takes 10–20 minutes. Here’s a handy list of what you need to include:

Profile picture: Be sure it’s a clear headshot of yourself (not a logo).
Short description: Pique potential clients’ interest in 140 characters. Be specific and highlight what makes you unique.
Overview: Introduce yourself to your future clients. Why should they work with you? Feel free to mention your interests, your most successful projects, client testimonials — and be creative!
Services, sub-services, genres, and languages: Fill these out to help us match you with the right clients. Only list the areas you specialize in.
Work experience: In a couple of lines, tell clients where you’ve worked and what your main responsibilities and achievements were.
Portfolio: Present the books you have worked on. We suggest 2–3 books per genre.

For designers:

Gallery: Add visual examples of your work to stand out and grab the client’s attention.

For ghostwriters:

What should you do if you cannot add books to your portfolio due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

First, add all the work you can and complete the rest of your profile. Next, you can do one (or both) of the following:

Request client permission to list the books in your portfolio;
Send the books you’ve worked on to This information will only be used to assess your portfolio and won’t be listed anywhere.

For marketers, website developers and publicists:

Projects: Tell your future clients about your successful projects. Include information about the brief, visual examples of your work, and stats showing the outcomes of the project.

Want some extra tips? Find out how to make your profile stand out here.

**Note**: Please do not refer to your personal website and social media handles in your portfolio. As explained in our FAQ here, communication outside of the Reedsy platform can expose you to risks beyond our control and may leave both clients and professionals exposed if a dispute arises. Any information that might help an author make a decision regarding a potential collaboration should be included in your profile. There should be no need to direct a client off of the platform.
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