Find out how to change your name, address, email

General details

Once you create an account on Reedsy, you can still change any of your personal details. Just go to 'Account Settings', where you will see all of the information. You can edit it by simply clicking on any of the fields (e.g. email - click on your email itself) and you will see a cursor appear which will allow you to edit.

This is also where you can switch to a dual account (if you also wish to also use Reedsy as an author) and manage the newsletters you receive from us.

Payment details

If you want to change your payment details (i.e. change/connect/disconnect your Stripe account), you can do that by clicking 'Payment' in the top right corner. There will see the options to change your billing address and manage your Stripe connection.

Payment method
Remember that you need to connect a Stripe account to be able to send offers to clients.
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