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How do I add books to my portfolio?

Looking to showcase your work? This is how you can add your books to your profile 📚

The portfolio is the secret weapon for any freelancer — nothing proves your competence better than the actual work you’ve done! All you need is the URL of the books’ pages from Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, or Reedsy Discovery.

Here’s how it works:

Go to Apple Books, Amazon US, or Google Play and search for the book;
Click on the relevant entry in the search results to go to the product page;
Copy the URL from your web browser (it should look like this: or or;
Go to the EDIT PROFILE tab of your Reedsy dashboard and scroll to the portfolio section; and
Paste the link into the Portfolio field where it says “Discovery, Amazon, Google Play or Apple Books URL” and click on the “ADD” button.

Pro tip: Apple Books has the largest collection of titles and should be your primary source when adding to your portfolio.

I’m not a macOS user and don’t have access to Apple Books

For Windows & Linux users, the easiest way to find Apple Books is to search for [Book Title + Apple Books] on Google. The link will come up in the search results.


The Prince + Apple Books
The Art of War + Apple Books

Alternatively, you can use the following Link Maker to create links for Apple Books (click on “Media Type” and select “Books”).

I received this error message: “Sorry, we are unable to process this book.”

This can happen due to errors with the Amazon API. In this case, please try to add the link with a different Amazon store. For instance, if you failed to add your book with an link, try the variant.


If you’re still unable to add your Amazon link, please try to use a different version of your book. A book on Amazon can have multiple product versions: Kindle, audiobook, hardcover, paperback. Clicking on a different version will give you a different Amazon URL. You can also shorten the URL.


What if my books aren’t available on Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, or Reedsy Discover?

In that case, you can upload your work to the Gallery! The image gallery of a freelancer profile was mainly created for designers to showcase their work. But editors, marketers, and other professionals can also use it to buff up their portfolio as well.

Click on the EDIT PROFILE button and scroll to the bottom. Below your “Portfolio” is the “Gallery” section.

We accept all major image file types, as long as they aren’t bigger than 5 megabytes.

That means you should be able to upload images in the following formats:

GIF (non-animated).

To upload an image, simply drag and drop it onto the area shown in the screenshot above, or click on “select from your computer” and select a file to upload.

All images will be converted automatically to JPG once successfully uploaded.

The image gallery is not only useful for designers, but can also be used by other professionals. Here are some tips for each individual profession:

Editors: Some books might not be available on Amazon or Google Play. In this case, simply add the book cover to your gallery. You can also add magazine articles and academic articles in this section.
Web Designers: Since we don’t allow links to websites, our web designers usually add screenshots of past projects to their galleries.
Marketers: These professionals can add proof of their performance to their gallery, usually screenshots from Amazon’s statistics pages.

Updated on: 10/07/2022

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