You've added your work experience, you've uploaded your portfolio, and now you want to impress authors viewing your profile with a personal introduction. A great way to do that is to add an introduction video to your profile 🎬

Lights, camera, action!

Before you press record, make sure you’ve prepared what you want to say. Here are some other things to note:

Sit at arm's length and look into the camera;
Try to keep the light in front of you, not behind;
Start with your first name, services you offer, and your work experience;
You can also talk about your favorite project to date; and
Be concise — you only have 30 seconds;
Please do not refer to your last name, personal website, personal business, or social media handles in your video.

Note: Please do not refer to your personal website and social media handles in your portfolio either. As explained in our FAQ here, communication outside of the Reedsy platform can expose you to risks beyond our control and may leave both clients and professionals exposed if a dispute arises. Any information that might help an author make a decision regarding a potential collaboration should be included in your profile. There should be no need to direct a client off of the platform.

Looking for examples of great introduction videos? You can check out the profiles of Alyssa and Denise

How do I import the video to my profile?

Once you've got the perfect take, upload the video to YouTube and copy the URL from your web browser. Then go to your “EDIT PROFILE” from the Reedsy dashboard and scroll to the section titled “Introduce yourself with a video.”

Paste the link into the field where it says “Enter your public YouTube URL” and click on the “IMPORT” button. Once we approve your video, you'll have your personal introduction visible on your profile!
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