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How do I accept an offer and begin my collaboration?

You got an offer that you're ready to accept! Here's what to do next.

Once you are in "Requests", click “View Quote” to review the offer and click “Accept Offer.” Please note that by clicking on “Accept Offer”, you form a binding Service Contract between you and your professional on the basis of our Terms of Use.

You will be asked to confirm your decision and decline any outstanding quotes. If you want to accept more than one offer, un-tick the box next to “I decline any outstanding offers from other professionals” and the other offers will remain open.
Accepting an offer

Next, you need to make sure you add a payment method. This will ensure the collaboration begins promptly and there are no problems with processing payments. If this is your first collaboration or you’d like to use a new card, add your card details in the provided fields.

If you already have a card on file, simply click “Continue” to use that card for the new collaboration.

Payment setup

On the last page, click "Start Collaboration" to see your collaboration dashboard.

Start the collaboration

Now you are ready to go forth and create a beautiful book! 😀

Updated on: 03/21/2022

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