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How can I win more work on Reedsy?

Tips on managing your requests and communicating with clients to win more work as a Reedsy professional.

Since starting Reedsy, we have seen thousands of our freelance professionals get project after project through our Marketplace. Some used good tactics, some not so much. So we decided to share some insider tips based on the practices of our most successful freelancers on Reedsy 🏆

1. Engage with every author and book

Clients have spent time researching freelancers they’d like to contact, and they want to see you engaged with their project too. Ask yourself, “Is this an exciting project?”; “Have I worked on a similar project before?”; “How can I respond with a personal touch?” This will help you connect with authors and give you an edge in their eyes.

2. Keep your quotes clear and concise

Your quote not only helps form the details of your contract, but it is also the best way to confirm the client understands what they are (and are not) getting from you. When composing the offer, consider the details that are crucial for the author to understand, but keep it as concise as possible.

3. Make templates your best friend

Publishing professionals are busy, most people know that. Authors will understand if you want to use templates for your quotes and replies. Templates (or prewritten messages that you edit case by case) will help you efficiently cover the basics while allowing you to focus on bigger tasks. As such, feel free to craft a succinct and friendly message to outline your collaboration.

Example of a great client questionnaire

4. Don’t be a Jack or Jill of all trades

Make sure your profile on the marketplace is specialized. It will help funnel more thoughtful and suitable requests your way, ensuring that you will be interested in the projects you receive. You can see some of our top tips on creating a great professional profile here.

5. Think twice before declining

Remember that there is a chat function available in your Reedsy dashboard. If a project interests you but there are some minor details keeping you from accepting it, don’t be afraid to reach out and negotiate with the client. See if you can tweak things a little to better suit yourself. There’s always something to learn so think carefully before you decline a request!

Updated on: 10/11/2022

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