You can update your offer at any point using amendments.

You can amend your offer after you have sent a quote and even after you started working on the project. Once you make updates, a client will receive a notification asking to approve the changes — and you’ll be all set!

How do I amend my payment schedule?

Go to your Requests and navigate to the relevant request;
Click “Manage” next to the quote you would like to amend;
Scroll to the end of the page and click “Amend offer”; and
Briefly explain why you are amending.

Amend offer

Click “Edit” next to the payment you would like to amend and make the changes you need. Then click “Submit.” Note: you can also remove a payment.

Edit payment

When can I make amendments?

At least 2 days before any payment due date. If you need to amend your offer on the day the payment is due, get in touch with the Support team by clicking “Help” in the top-right corner.
Allow at least 3 days for the amendment deadline and 4 days for the next payment date. This will ensure the client has time to accept the changes.

What happens once I’ve submitted my amendment?

You can view the sent amendment as “Pending” below your offer. Your client will be notified by email and will be given the option to accept it.
If your client has not responded to your amendment request by the expiration date, your changes to the collaboration will not be applied. Make sure you follow up with the client to let them know you’ve submitted the amendment and remind them to accept it before it expires.
You will receive a notification when your client responds to your amendment.
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