When circumstances change, you can always request to cancel your collaboration.

There are 2 scenarios:

You're within the free cancelation window. You can cancel your collaboration at no charge.
You're outside of the free cancelation window. You can ask the freelancer to cancel the collaboration for you and will be required to pay a 20% fee to compensate them for the time spent.

Cancelation window

Reedsy’s cancelation policies differ depending on the length of a project.
You will not be charged to cancel a project providing that you do so within the free cancelation period detailed below. Cancelling a project outside of this period will incur a 20% fee paid to the professional. Professionals are likely to have given up other opportunities to work on your project, for which they need compensating. Please refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

Cancelation period

Cancelling a collaboration that has started

If you wish to cancel a collaboration that has started, let the freelancer know. They will close it on their end. You will receive a confirmation email taking you to the cancelation page:

Cancelling a collaboration

From there, make sure you understand you have to pay the 20% cancelation fee, and proceed to 'pay and close the collaboration'.
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