In the event you and your client no longer wish to collaborate, it's possible to close the collaboration. There are 2 scenarios:

You're within the free cancelation window. Your client can cancel the collaboration and won't be charged.
You're outside of the free cancelation window. You can cancel the collaboration after agreeing with the client, who will be required to pay you a 20% cancelation fee.

Cancelation window

Reedsy’s cancelation policies differ depending on the length of a project.

Please see the cancelation periods and associated fees below. Refer to our Terms of Use for more information.

Cancelling a collaboration that has started
When closing a collaboration that has already started, your client will be required to pay the totality of the Reedsy service fee (20% of the collaboration amount).

To close your ongoing collaboration:

Go to your Offers and select the collaboration you would like to cancel
Scroll down to 'Amend this offer' section and click 'Close Collaboration'

Confirm you would like to close the collaboration and request a cancelation fee

Your client will receive a confirmation email. Once they confirm it, your collaboration will be closed and you will receive the cancelation fee in the next 5-10 business days.
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