Want to join Reedsy as a book designer? Here's how you can nail your profile and access high-quality projects.

Being a designer on Reedsy gives you access to numerous book projects — whether you’re an illustrator, cover designer, or typesetter, we'll have a wide selection of clients for you! To showcase your work and skills to those potential clients, you’ll need to put together a great Reedsy profile.

Here are three designers that got it just right.

1. Maeve Norton Utilizes Her Portfolio AND Gallery

If you’re a designer, naturally the most important thing you can show on your profile is your design work. Below you can see how the profile would appear in Reedsy’s search results.

Reedsy Search Results

This section allows potential clients to jump straight to the book's Amazon or GooglePlay page, where they can see how well the book is received and who published it.

Note: create a balance between your Gallery images and your Portfolio by including different work in each section — there can be some overlap, just make sure they’re not identical.

2. Heidi North Keeps Services Specialized

You might be tempted to just select all design services available, but it's much more appealing to clients when you show your specialty and support it with specific examples. You can see Heidi only selected cover, illustration, and typography work, showcasing clear examples of all these specific skills in her Gallery and Portfolio.

Note: if you include 'Book Interior Design' don't forget to include some interior formatting examples in your Gallery.

3. Stewart Williams Cuts To The Chase

The Overview is your chance to talk directly to the client before they decide whether you are the right fit or not. Take this opportunity to describe your experiences and the unique value you bring to each project. Here, Stewart explains exactly what he’s achieved and what you’ll get out of working with him.

Note: make your Overview concise but detailed enough to show you know what you're doing!
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