How Reedsy handles VAT and what you should know as a freelancer.

As a UK-registered company, Reedsy needs to account for VAT on service fees charged to UK-based freelancers.

VAT change

Only freelancers based in the UK need to take VAT into account.

Freelancers can refer to HMRC’s VAT guide if they have any questions about how to claim it back. You can also find more information about taxes and receipts here.

Looking to add your VAT ID and billing address to your Reedsy account? Here’s how you can do that.

To receive a hard copy invoice as a freelancer from Reedsy, you’ll need to add your VAT ID (if you have one and are a European freelancer) and your billing address to your profile.

Simply head to your Payment settings and fill out all the details under “Billing Address.”

VAT billing address

Click on the button “SAVE ADDRESS” afterwards to save all the changes you’ve made.

More about invoices and tax receipts in this FAQ article.
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