Don’t have time to take on more work right now? Want to avoid a drop in your response rate? We’ve got you covered!

For times when you’re away or too busy, you can activate the “Out of Office” feature. This will hide your profile from the marketplace during the dates you specify 👌

This won’t affect your ongoing collaborations: your clients will still be able to reach you and chat with you, but they will be notified that you have activated your "Out of Office". You may still receive messages from potential and existing clients, so remember to periodically check your Reedsy inbox!

To turn on your Out of Office mode:

Log in to Reedsy and click the “Out of Office” toggle in the left sidebar;
Pick the date range during which you are unavailable;
Select whether you would like existing clients to send new requests to you during this time; and
Click "Save".

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